What is Twitterjacking and an Example of Content Curation

According to David Meerman, the traditional PR model has changed. His book, Newsjacking describes the process of injecting your brand into breaking news events. With social media’s new place in the business world, Twitter is a great platform to watch David’s insight unfold.

In this article,¬†Twitterjacking: The Art of the Twitter Trend, previously published on Social Media Today, I discuss the specific incorporation of newsjacking into one’s overall Twitter action plan.

NCAA Men's Championship Tweets

The above image illustrates the volume and correlation of twitter and live events.

What about Content Curation?

I am promoting a previous article I published. These articles are both considered ‘evergreen’ content; timeless information independent of some sort of event.

This is another way to promote content previously released other than a simple tweet, share, or like.

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