What Does Your Klout Score Mean?

Do you know what your Klout score is? If it’s high you my be able to get free stuff.

There are dozens of social media platforms. We all know the big ones ; Facebook changed everything but is now falling behind, everyone is talking with each other on Twitter, and others are still figuring out how to use Google+.┬áThere are others of course. With all of these social networks, fans, followers, and friends, is there some sort of guidepost to measure one’s prestige?

My first Klout perk. It’s relevant. Frank & Oak is more than welcome to contact me directly…

A few developers have answered that question in their own way. It’s called Klout, ‘the standard for influence’. They view it as analytics for social media. It tracks engagement, participation, reciprocity, among others. In order to make use of this service, one has to link all of their social media accounts to Klout.

This service is not without controversy nor is its ranking the gold standard. For example there were some bloggers with higher Klout scores than President Obama. Furthermore, Klout’s business model is based on granting companies access to individuals with high Klout scores in hopes that they would promote their products or service and that’s it.

It’ll just be a matter of time before a new service emerges that includes Klout in its metrics and uses a different algorithm. The idea behind Klout is novel but some bloggers say it’s evil.

Bottom line, don’t put too much faith in the score. At the moment my score is 40, hopefully after a couple retweets my score will go up. What’s interesting with Klout is that it’s micro-influencer marketing. Instead of celebrity endorsements. Klout is aiming for the respected social media influencer in hopes that he or she will carry their brand. Influence marketing is somewhat new and has taken off with social media. This trend is definitely going to continue.

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