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Social Media Personal Branding 101

Branding is key. Why else would someone pay above market price for a particular product? In today’s connected world, personal branding is just as important.

Businessman holding sign for personal branding
This guy should create a Linkedin, Blog, Google+, and Twitter in that order.

Before the internet and social media, most prominent brands were developed by businesses to sell their product, think Mad Men. A team of Madison Avenue ad execs were needed to turn a product, Lucky Strike cigarette’s, into a lifestyle brand. A lot of human capital was needed for this to happen.

Today the equation is totally different. Instead of product brands, individuals can brand themselves in their particular field. A robust social media presence, website, great content, and sufficient engagement are all it takes.

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Google AuthorRank & Google+ As The New Facebook?

authorrankWe all know Facebook. It is the most popular of the social networking sites with 1.01 billion users as of September 2012. Facebook’s IPO was disappointing, but has recently begun to gain momentum because of new product features and increasing revenue.

Google+ is still new to many of us. As of September 2012 there were 100 million active users and 400 million accounts. Facebook clearly has the number advantage but after some time on the platform, one can see that they both offer similar features. Status updates, picture sharing, messaging, and events are all commonplace.

It will be hard for all of Facebook’s billion plus users to forget about their profile. However, there is an incentive to jump on the Google+ bandwagon as soon as possible; especially for businesses.

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