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3 Quick SEO Tips for Blog Posts

 If you don’t think someone will find it useful, you are probably right.

Google wants to deliver insightful and original content to end users. If you publish content that us heavily an advertisement  or regurgitates other content it is a waste of time and may actually hurt your website in terms of rankings.

Always air on the side of caution and invest more effort into written content on your blog or website.

Quality content is the future, get use to it.

Use Google Autocomplete for content topic ideas

Google has a great way of informing others what people are searching for if you know where to look.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool has since been replaced by the Keyword Planner Tool. These and other SEO  software like Moz are great ways to do some keyword research for serious SEO professionals but for the average blogger or small business, Google Autocomplete is just fine.

Located in any Google search box, Google Autocomplete is a highly insightful tool. While it does not indicate search volume (it used to), this is what people are searching for and having matching title tags, headings, and keywords in the content will capture some of this traffic.

Google Autocomplete Example

Mention & Link to other Blogs, Websites, People, & Influencers

Link building is a core component of any SEO plan. However, the rules have changed. Quality links take time to develop. Talking about someone else’s work and referencing them in an article is a great way to build rapport with influencers who are likely to link back to you at some point in the future.

It’s important to ADD VALUE when referencing and mentioning. Besides complimenting, which adds zero value, answer some type of question or expand on the referenced material somehow.

These will not just create links from other blog posts, they will also generate more latent links from social media. You will obviously promote your content on your social media channels, but so might the person being referenced. They may also be an influencer and cause your content to go semi-viral.

There are obviously many tips for blog posts but keeping these three concepts in mind are the future of SEO and are becoming best practices.