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Google+ Secure Hangouts for Lawyers

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Hangouts on Google+ are now mainstream methods to connect with the public for news, entertainment, and social purposes. With Secure Hangouts, two parties can communicate via a secure, encrypted connection that are ideal for certain legal communications between attorney & client.

Lawyers now have a brand-new, efficient way not only of servicing existing clients, but also marketing yourself as a lawyer. Video content is widely understood to be one of the most engaging forms of content. With existing means of video production available already, lawyers that have been taking advantage of video content assets can now incorporate a new dynamic of conversion optimization in the form of Google Secure Hangouts.

Prior to Google Secure Hangouts, conducting a Hangout about a certain topic was easy to do and the recording would automatically upload to YouTube. This strategy is a way to gain targeted impressions for your practice in the hopes of a future client. Currently, this can be effectively measured using Google Analytics to monitor a YouTube Channel’s metrics. With Secure Hangouts, we can now segment users further and create a new type of lead.

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Secure Hangouts and the personalized content offerings they provide place a potential client in touch with legal representation directly. This process can be extremely fast, rapidly shortening one set of assigned conversions. In this case, analytics may show several days between an initial view on YouTube that lead to another form of contact, ie phone or email. Now, that gap can be closed and efforts can be spent nurturing the lead.

Developing a strategy for how to incorporate Secure Hangouts within your practice will be key for long-term organic visibility. Feel free to share your firm’s Google+ or YouTube Channel below.

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Google+ Local Category Optimization: Google Now Insight

Click on the above image for a clear example of the importance of Google+ Local category optimization. Google Now’s is increasingly rising in popularity, especially with the pending launch of Google Glass and the impact the device will have.

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While there are many unknowns, there are some future proof optimizations that can be made. Selecting the appropriate categories and completing as many fields as possible within the Google+ Local listing is key to not only being served within Google Now, but also attracting clicks similar to how rich snippets function in a standard web search.

Google Now will soon be in widespread use and composed of cards that are one of the elements that make up the standard interface of Google Glass.

As you can see, not all of the local listing ‘Places Nearby” are the same. The Dunkin Donuts does not have any reviews, does not indicate the operating hours, and has no picture.

The third choice is the most complete: profile image, operating hours, reviews, and correct category selection.

When your listing is served within Places Nearby, Google is making a determination that your business is relevant to that particular end-user without any active searching. I took this screenshot on an early Sunday afternoon, where doing shopping some food shopping or needing some coffee is a high probability.

Bottomline: correctly claiming, merging and optimizing the Google+ Local listing will position your business to be visible where your customers may be looking.

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Landing Page SEO Keyword Targeting Strategies: Entity Search

In a Whiteboard Friday from Moz, Rand Fishkin discusses the evolving strategies of SEO keyword targeting. He raises an interesting question; who are you targeting the page to?

In the early days of SEO, the audience was the search engine. High rankings for valuable keywords meant loading as many of those keywords on the page. Try that today and your site will receive a penalty and face a tough battle to overcome the effects of the dated black hat SEO tactic.

Current search engines, Google in particular, are extremely keen on ensuring websites are not trying to ‘game’ the system. As cliche as it sounds: ‘content is king’. Original content is an asset that offers an extremely postie return on investment.

landing page seo

Rand brings up a website selling shoes, in particular bowling shoes. Two ways to approach obtaining organic search traffic would be to create a large number of landing pages for every single type of shoe or create a single page with rich content explaining all of the different types of bowling shoes.

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