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Embed Google+ Posts for White Hat SEO AuthorRank Boost

Google launched a new feature where users can embed public Google+ posts.

This is a great way to create blog and website content. Currently, this feature is only available on WordPress and Typepad.

Google+ embedded post example

Should someone come across the Google+ embedded post on your website, they can +1 or comment on the post and circle the original Google+ account. These changes are are visible in Google+. This happens the opposite way as well. All engagements on Google+ will be visible wherever the embedded post is located on a website.

From an SEO and organic search perspective, posting engaging Google+ posts will boost circles, +1’s, and overall authority of a Google+ account. It’s important to make sure posts are optimized with appropriate meta information.

This may be a key white hat SEO method of boosting future AuthorRank and AgentRank. While these updates have yet to be released, it is widely understood that Google is planning on using these undefined metrics in its proprietary search algorithm at some point.

The number of +1’s, re-shares, and circles are all metrics Google may use to compose AuthorRank and AgentRank. Embedding these posts will expose Google+ individual accounts and Google+ brand pages to additional means of accumulating these metrics.

Depending on where this content is placed within your site architecture,  one may be able to funnel targeted traffic to your Google+ account. For example, if you have a niche blog, you are likely attracting niche traffic to your site. This niche traffic may have AuthorRank of its own.

Accumulating engagement metrics from accounts with high AuthorRank is logically better than premature accounts with no AuthorRank.

It is important to note that this method should be supplemental and used in tandem with posting within Google+ (ie Google+ communities).

This is a white hat SEO tactic because it logically follows the outlined use of this feature by Google.  While there may be a potential spam tactic with this feature, Google+ wants this feature in use because it will probably increase the number of users on Google+.

Google obviously wants as many verified users as possible.



Here is an example of an embedded post.


Burger King’s Twitter Hack Explanation

The official Twitter account of Burger King, @BurgerKing, was recently hacked. This was not a random attack as you clearly see below. Instead, Burger King’s main rival took the spotlight in its place.


This is the dawn of a new era in industrial espionage. One can argue that no company could have benefited more from this stunt than McDonald’s. Even more interesting is the background. The image promotes a new product offering; Fish McBites.

While there is no evidence as to who the hackers are, many suspect the group Anonymous to be behind the attack.

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Al Gore’s Sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera English Explained


Current TV, the semi-relevant and liberal-leaning television network was recently sold to Al Jazeera English for a reported $500 million. Before most Americans panic at the thought of a Muslim-sounding television station broadcasting in the United States, let me assure you that Al Jazeera English is a legitimate news outfit.

More about Al Jazeera later.  Let’s take a closer look at the deal that put $100 Million in Mr. Gore’s pocket.

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